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Byfrost has been developed and conceived with the aim of solving the everyday challenge of archiving and managing the growing amount of documents, emails and other information flowing in and out of a company. Byfrost became an independent company in 2014 and originated as a server application developed by NIC. It is our key goal that all information is automatically stored and easily accesible to all users. All this at a reasonable cost.

Contact us

For more information about Byfrost, please contact us :

Tel. : +32 2 675 93 55

Email :

Address :

Byfrost sprl

IT Tower, 18th floor

Avenue Louise 480

1050 Brussels


The name

The name Byfrost originates from Nordic mythology. Byfrost is the bridge between Midgard, the kingdom of man (the world), and Asgard, the kingdom of gods (Heaven). Byfrost is the only way by which the giants can enter Asgard which is closely guarded by Heimdal, the watchman of gods. Byfrost, also known as the rainbow, is composed of three colours created with magic and great skill and is incredibly strong. The red colour represents fire and is protecting the bridge, however the rainbow-bridge will collapse at the end of cosmos.

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