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Business continuity

Five green dots  ■ ■ ■ ■ ■  nothing else... 70% of all businesses that do not get back on track within 10 days close down for good within a year!

Your company can be the victim of hackers and infected with a virus, be victim of ransomware or experience a simple server crash, all giving shorter or longer downtime with no or limited access to your company's vital information. The overall cost, if or when the incident happens, as well as time lost can vary quite a lot and in some cases you have to start all over from a blank canvas. Take a moment to reflect about how that could affect your business, now and in the future...

Consider what precautions need to be taken to keep your company safe. Looking into business continuity with Byfrost could be an excellent starting point...

Check out Saving & Gains to get an idea of your current status and what you should focus on...

Business continuity


▷▷▷ Business continuity ▷▷▷

Watch the short video about business continuity and then imagine finding yourself in this situation next time you turn on your PC. Are you prepared ? If not, can you afford not to be ?

Potential threats to your business and its survival !

What to do next!

Be successful creating/elaborating/drawing up your business continuity plan.

Going through the hassle of making a successful business continuity plan will not only bring more awareness, training and communication into your company but also open up for a lot of questions that if solved right could help bring your business into a better and stronger marked position.

With a thought through business continuity and disaster recovery plan you have listed the challenges and made a plan for the worst case scenario, should it be an IT system failure, ransomware attack, virus attack, power outrage, pandemic, fire, flooding or any other threat to your company. Your company will now have the best possible option for recovering from this incident.

When starting on your business continuity plan you will have to focus on developing a realistic and workable plan where all colleagues in your company are aware of the plan and how to act as a team as well as individuals. It all comes down to how can you keep your business running as smoothly as possible and with a minimum impact on critical business systems, personnel, services, information, IT systems, internal/external communication while still be able to service your clients.

Business continuity in IT services is essential, since nowadays business are entirely dependant on maintaining access to their data, documents, communication, emails and more… it is therefore vital for the IT area to be completely covered and at the same time make sure cyber security and data compliance are a priority to keep sensitive and personal data fully secured.

With Byfrost your company will be covered for all data, documents, invoices, working procedures emails etc providing a fully secured and controlled environment where management and employees can access necessary information to be able to keep the business up and running from within the company or from remote locations.

IT service continuity plan & free template

Have a plan is essential for your business survival, get started, take a closer look at our IT service continuity plan including our free template : IT service continuity plan

What else can Byfrost do for your company?

One of Byfrost's strongpoints is that it is designed to handle a variety of services for a company making things easier and safer.

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