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One place for searching, in full indexation of all documents including GDPR search (General Data Protection Regulation)

With Byfrost it’s easy to automatically archive and structure all documents, scans and emails from within your entire organisation. With one search you get an immediate overview of all matching documents, files, emails and attachments etc in the same result list, with thumbnails, document details. One click only to open the original document or a PDF version.

The automatically integrated OCR service (Optical Character Recognition) guarantees that a search always includes all documents, meaning any document can always be found again. Should a GDPR related search be necessary, you can use the option of multiple combinations to look for the information you need in order to give you one combined result.

Business continuity, made easy with Byfrost

Going through the hassle of making a successful business continuity plan will not only bring more awareness and communication into your company but also open up for a lot of questions that if solved right away could help your business to maintain a better and stronger market position.

With a well through business continuity and disaster recovery plan you have listed the challenges and made a plan for the worst case scenario, should it be an IT system failure, ransomware attack, virus attack, power outrage, pandemic, fire, flooding or any other threat facing your company. Your company will now be in the best possible position for recovering from this incident.

Consider what precautions need to be taken to keep your company safe. Looking into business continuity with Byfrost could be an excellent starting point...

Check-in check-out of documents including full versioning

An automatic versioning of all documents is built-in, so you can always track the latest version of a document.

The check-in check-out built in functionality works with all file types allowed in Byfrost and includes full control of user accessibility to the original documents and files as well as a full versioning log for documentation.

Get rid of your fileserver, with Byfrost complete server folder and batch archiving including automatic document deletion

Update, synchronise or just move the top level folder on your fileserver into Byfrost's Hot Folder and the full folder structure including documents and files will be recreated or updated in Byfrost automatically. You can also do batch archiving by using Hot Folders and Hot Emails. Using one or the other method you can archive large quantity of files and with Byfrost's intelligent prioritisation you can even upload all your old documents and have them waiting in line to be processed until there is free capacity.

Byfrost can automatically mark individual documents and files with a deletion date, end of life, after which Byfrost will automatically delete and clean-up all expired documents in due time, saving administration time and data storage space.

The main purpose of a fileserver is to give users managed access to shared files with a high level of security for the files, network and users. All of this is already included in Byfrost.

Backup emails: with this feature no need for further backups

Do a backup of all email accounts in your company to be stored in a separate area in Byfrost and at the same time benefit from the security, full encryption and user friendliness which you are already familiar with. The backup email area enables you to make searches and restore emails into Byfrost recovery for full access to email and their attachments.

If you do not need direct access to all your emails but only a selection, you can let Byfrost do a full backup and leave a selection stored directly in Byfrost for full and rapid access. This can easily be done in each user's email client by clicking the button "Archive" or copying the chosen emails into a special folder for backup after which Byfrost takes care of the rest. Should you have missed one important email then you can always recover it from the Byfrost backup emails, quick and easy. You will never lose an email again!

To keep your backup emails space tidy and clean, you can choose the option of having emails older than 1 to 10 years automatically removed.

Split email and automise with workflow

Use the split email function to create easy photo presentations, needed for documentation etc. It could be an offer, finalised project or a here and now status of an ongoing project. Take photos, send an email to Byfrost and it will automatically be split into separate documents and photos, renamed, emailed to the involved persons/parties and archived in the right folder, no need for any manual intervention.

Different type of companies are using photos as documentation in their daily work, for example in the business of construction, architectural business, police, doctors, mechanics, transport and delivery. By using split email you can automise this process 100%. You take a photo, send an email, add a project number or name and other vital information in the subject or body of the email, send it to Byfrost and it is done.

Byfrost will then split the email into a main email and several attachments and use the added text information in the email as well as the Byfrost folder data to rename the photos/images. You can now send them to the employees concerned and finally archive them in the right folder. All done with no intervention needed from a user other than sending an email.

On top of this there are endless options to how you can handle each email and attachment individually. The entire workflow in your business is suddenly fully automised with the help of Byfrost.

Relay email, list server option and get rid of unwanted emails

Use one single email address to receive all subscriptions, like magazines, newsletters, technical briefings, alerts and all other type of information of interest to your company. Have Byfrost relay it to individual users depending on their interest, email address and even keywords or just have them receive a notification. At the same time have all the emails and documents archived in Byfrost for later consultation with search options. Unwanted information and subscriptions will automatically be deleted.

In your company you receive a lot of interesting information, from subscriptions to updated information important to your business or information that is just useful to have in case of need… Have all unwanted emails automatically deleted and you have an automated email relay system dealing with what ever email information your company receive.

When an email is received in Byfrost there are endless options using Workflows and Rules to handle the emails and attachments exactly as you wish. With that in mind your employees can now avoiding time spend on redistributing information or handling unwanted emails as well as having it archived in the right folder for later consultation and searching.

Blocking of unwanted documents and file types including email attachments

The use of a positive list of extensions in Byfrost automatically removes or blocks for unwanted and potential damaging documents, files and email attachments (file). If a file has a non listed and accepted extension the file is replaced with a warning file saying forbidden extension and then not processed. As this is a controlled blocking process it is not seen as an error and the workflow and rules continue like normal, one "bad" attachment is replaced and you can safely process the rest as original document or pdf.

Folder Data make all the difference together with Workflow and Rules

With Folder Data you can store any kind of key information linked to each folder, like client, projects or cases related information. Make use of the Workflow and Rules ability to guide your documents in an intelligent way, to their right folder destination and control a set of events per document including email notification, internal distribution in Byfrost or external via FTP and Email giving you a powerful tool with a high level of flexibility.

Document sharing platform, internal as well as external

With no user limitation and the built-in access control, Byfrost is also a sharing platform for individual project, cases, client relations etc where sharing across multiple companies, clients or partners can be in an easy and secure environment.

Secure use of Byfrost and encryption of all documents, files and data

Your connection to and from Byfrost is secured in your browser with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and all documents and files are individually encrypted. Also all critical and vital data in the databases are fully encrypted, using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)

Running and maintenance costs kept at a minimum

Your running and maintenance costs are kept at a minimum when using Byfrost, meaning no need for complex installations and extra services. The server is automatically updated so no need to wait for next update or technical intervention. Also no need for any user updates or any other user interaction, Byfrost will always be up to date, automatically.