Byfrost Resource Center

Byfrost Resource Center

Content Intelligence & Secure Solution


Hosting of Byfrost is made easy by using a dedicated secure server that runs the Byfrost application and stores your electronic archives. Depending on your preferences, Byfrost can either run on your own secured server or you could benefit from Byfrost Pro : the free basic hosting offer, for more information go to Prices. Byfrost has been fine-tuned to run smoothly on a Linux server, for further details see below.

Byfrost on your own server

You need a dedicated Linux server from which you run the Byfrost application and store archives. The server capacity will need to be aligned with the volume of archives you expect to be storing, keep in mind that each file added needs more space than the original file. For details about required server specifications, please contact us.

Byfrost Pro hosting server

Your Byfrost application will appear as an individual hosting and you can choose to use your own domain name or use one of our Byfrost Pro domains.

Hosting server security information

• Datacenter infrastructure is Tier 3+

• High quality SSD disks configured using NetApp named RAID-DP including Hot Swap disks

• OS system and data are stored on separate discs

• Full daily offsite back-up

Multi-data centre service

Multi-data centres provide you with the highest protection, with a guarantee that your data will always be available.

• Duplication of infrastructure via a second data centre

• Use of BGP technology (Border Gateway Protocol) combined with load balancing

• If data centre fails, routing of data is done in no time

For more details, see prices or please contact us.