Byfrost Resource Center

Byfrost Resource Center

Content Intelligence & Secure Solution

Key features

Byfrost has lots of features and functionality built right into the application including the highest level of security with maximun encryption as well as easy to use and all features are included no extra cost.

The following list shows some of the key features, for more information, contact us.

Archiving and Structuring of all your data is done automatically

With Byfrost it is easy to automatically archive and structure all documents, scans and emails from within your entire organisation using Workflow, Rules, Hot Folders, Hot Emails, Folder Data and more

One Search is all it takes

With one search you get an overview of all matching documents, files, emails etc in the same result list, thumbnails, document details and one click to open a PDF version or the original document

Runs directly in your browser on your PC and tablets

No need for special user client or additional installations, just a modern browser and that’s it

Unlimited number of users

Included, no limitation or restriction to the number of users (1)

Unlimited number of documents archived

Included, no limitation or restriction to the number of documents that can be archived (1)

Easy and intuitive user interface with individual language

The user interface is easy and intuitive and with individual language choice (English, Danish, Dutch, French or Spanish)

Access rights for User Groups and Users

All access can be controlled by User Groups and Users with Read/Write access to folders

Private area

Each user can be allocated their own Private Folder area

External document sharing platform

With no user limitation and the build-in access control, Byfrost can also be used as a sharing platform for individual project, cases, client relations and much more

Most common document and file types are supported

A large number of different document types are supported by Byfrost, including most used in office environments, emails including attachments and scanned documents directly from scanner and MFPs. See extension list


Write own notes directly in Byfrost, comments, incoming and outgoing calls or meetings

Check-in check-out of documents including full versioning

Check-in check-out, build in functionality works with all filetypes allowed into Byfrost and including full versioning

Split email and email list server option

Use split email to process main email and attachments individually. Use Workflow and Rules to distribute and archive internal as well as external, via FTP or/and email

Full indexation of all documents, no restriction or limitations

The index is complete, always including all documents at all times, meaning any document can always be found again, no restriction or limitation (2)

GDPR search, General Data Protection Regulation

With GDPR search you can in one search use multiple combinations of information giving one combined result


Use Shortcuts to store a search condition, a folder or a specific document, for next time

Encryption of all documents, files and data

All documents and files are individual encrypted as well as critical and vital data in the databases are fully encrypted, using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)

Secure use of Byfrost

Your connection to and from Byfrost are secured in your browser with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

OCR and PDF conversion is done automatically as an integrated part of Byfrost

Byfrost has an integrated automatically OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service and PDF conversion (2), no need for additional applications, services or maintenance

Workflow simplifies and control your procedures

With Workflow you specify and control a set of events for each document to go through like email notification, distribution internal in Byfrost or external via FTP and Email. Together with the power of the Rules you are in full control of the workflow of all your documents

Rules made intelligent easing the manual workload

The Rules can, in an intelligent way, guide your documents to their right folder destination, distribute them by email and FTP to external destinations all done automatically and according to your needs

Automatically delete documents and files

Have Byfrost automatically mark individual documents and files with a deletion date, end of life, and Byfrost will automatically delete and clean-up all expired documents

Folder Data make all the difference

With Folder Data you can store key information linked to each Folder, representing projects, cases, client relations, making Rules direct linking to the correct destination folder and make use of Folder Data for further automatic processing. This gives you a powerful tool with hight flexibility

Hot Folders are managed and controlled by Byfrost

All control of Hot Folders, new, modify and delete are controlled from within Byfrost. You also have the option to have multiple FTP accounts including having each Hot Folder day and time controlled

Hot Emails are managed and controlled by Byfrost

All control of Hot Emails are done from within Byfrost, supporting IMAP (delete or synchronise)

Unlimited number of your own Defined Fields

In Byfrost you can define as many data fields as you like and they are instantly present around the application, no limitations (1)

Instant management of preferences and settings

The management of preferences and settings, including Users, Groups, Folders, Hot Folders, Hot Emails, Rules and Workflow are done easily in Byfrost and are instantly activated, no need for server restart or other intervention, giving you no server downtime

Batch archiving

By using Hot Folders and Hot Emails you can archive large quantity of files and with Byfrost intelligent prioritisation you upload all your old documents to be processed when there is free capacity

Complete server folder and data archiving

Update, synchronise or just move the top level folder on your fileserver into Byfrost Hot Folder and the full folder structure including documents and files will be recreated or updated in Byfrost automatically

Backup emails, full email backup

Do a backup of all email accounts in your company to be stored in a seperate area in Byfrost and at the same time benefit from the security, full encryption and user friendliness which you are already familiar with. The backup email area enables you to make searches and restore emails into Byfrost recovery for full access to email and their attachments.

Emails sent automatically from Byfrost

By using Workflow and Rules you can automatically have a document sent by email to several recipients, defined and depending on the content of each document and Email

FTP upload documents automatically from Byfrost

By using Workflow and Rules you can automatically have a document renamed, stored and sent to several destinations, depending on the content of each document

Have your own logo

You can have your own logo branded in Byfrost

Low running and maintenance cost

Your running and maintenance costs are low when using Byfrost, meaning no need for complex installations and services, see price

Byfrost server is automatically updated

The server is automatically updated so no need to wait for next update or technical intervention

No User updates are necessary

No need for any user updates or any other user interaction, Byfrost will always be up to date, automatically

Free Byfrost basic hosting

Included in the chosen formula is a basic limited hosting, for details, see price

(1) Within the limit of the server and server applications hosting Byfrost

(2) Byfrost Service do OCR, Indexation, Conversion to PDF and Thumbnails depending on the document and file type. For more details, see extension list

For more details and specific functionality, see also Saving & Gains

Key features