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GDPR : General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR can be a challenge for most companies, from ensuring the security of documents to providing necessary information in time, in order to accommodate the different scenarios covered by the General Data Protection Regulation.


GDPR search

Search for personal data

In Byfrost you have the option to do a GDPR search : a search for multiple personal information originating from your emails, email attachments, faxes, letters, invoices and all other information stored in Byfrost. Byfrost generates one result list with direct access to the documents and the original location as well. All in all, Byfrost makes it easier to find and locate personal information, when needed.

GDPR security

Data encryption and document security

Encryption of your data is your responsibility and an essential element that needs to be taken very seriously. With Byfrost all your documents are individually encrypted and therefore highly secured. This is also the case for all sensitive information stored in the databases.

Automaticall deletion of documents and files

Byfrost can automatically mark individual documents and files with a deletion date, end of life, and automatically delete and clean-up when documents have expired.