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Save time & money

Save time & money

Freeing up time and confusion will let your business focus on it's core values and generate more value than before. Using Byfrost to bring together all your data, doing the archiving, structuring and distribution of information securely and across multiple platforms will save your business valued time and money.

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Save time & money with secure access to Byfrost everywhere & anywhere

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Byfrost always right at your fingertips

Byfrost is suited to almost every type of organisation or business by addressing their core needs, by ensuring a smooth and secure information flow, archiving of documents while at the same time ruling out the risk of document loss or foul play.

Examples :

Administration :

A “necessary evil” in any organisation, back-office tasks such as bookkeeping, personnel records, purchase orders, supply management, work planning, invoicing... are all rendered significantly more accurate, efficient and secure thanks to Byfrost's ingenious document archive management functions.

Legal Practices, Notaries & Law Firms :

Byfrost provides a secure and easy to use document archiving management solution. Finding information as fast as searching the Internet gives a vital advantage in your daily work where time is as important as money. With Byfrost you can search directly in the content of the archived documents, one of the powerful features which in the day-to-day situation where access anytime anywhere is a must.

Logistics :

Companies which rely heavily on real time and complex data flow across multiple matrix services and functions will find that Byfrost allows them to plan and keep track of their operations more effectively and with greater accuracy and security. Paper documents can easily be processed by Byfrost after scanning them via any multifunctional FTP equipment such as a scanner or printer.

Manufacturing :

Successful production relies on the seamless welding of procurement, processing, marketing, sales, delivery and back-office administration into a dynamic whole. The effective data archive management in Byfrost helps rather than hinders production by ensuring that the right information is always stored and found in the right place.

Accountancy departments :

Byfrost makes it easy to store and track incoming and outgoing invoices, by storing sequentially edited copies and to permit billing information to be added by various users from multiple sources and across departments, while safeguarding essential information.