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Teleworking, limit the risk

At work

Teleworking, limit the risk

Teleworking from home can be challenging both on a personal and on an IT security level.

Below please find some advice and best practices of which

your company and its employees need to be aware.

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Clearly specify the available communication channels and how to

   activate and use them.

 Hacking, phishing, ransomware, false sms’s are all ways of

   attacking your company and its employees. Currently hackers are

   profiting from the crisis linked to the corona virus.

Make sure that your infrastructure allows for sufficient remote

   access and that you have the necessary security, licenses etc in

   place for all users. This could be a VPN connection to your Intranet

   and/or SSL connection to secured and encrypted data.

Limit the risk of teleworking by making sure the computers of all

   employees are fully updated. This could include forcing automatic


Make a running assessment of the risks involved.

Check that your Business continuity plan also has an updated

   IT service continuity plan. Free template.

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Focus on using the communication tools which your company has

   made available to you.

Only use email accounts and file-sharing services that has been

   provided by your company.

Test your remote access beforehand so you know that it works

   and how it works.

Hacking, phishing, ransomware, false sms’s are all ways of

   attacking you directly as an employee, to gain direct access to

   your company's infrastructure and data. The corona virus crisis

   could be one of the topics they would be using.

Keep your computer safe when at home and protect it against

   physical access. Set the screen lock out timing to be as short as


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